[Remote] Senior Backend Engineer - $4k-$7k


  • Remote

Salary Expectation

  • $4k-$7k/month


  • Experienced in writing backend services for a relatively large number of users.
  • Experienced in writing services in Golang and Python
  • Familiar with Firebase Realtime Database and other Google Cloud services
  • PostgreSQL
  • 4+ years of Software Engineering experience
  • Be able to communicate well in English


  • Good understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good communication skills


  • Write backend services and use Google Cloud’s services to receive and serve users’ requests.
  • Lead our technical and architectural decision making

Why it would be awesome to work with us

This is an early-stage startup job, and you will play a key role in the development of our product and the opportunity to shape the company. You will be working in an ambitious, inclusive, and highly international team of people that value openness, initiative, and ridiculously bold ideas. Besides a fixed monthly salary we also offer a competitive equity package.


If you are interested, please send an email to vu@cevalabs.com with your CV, and a short video (around 1min) to introduce yourself and your experience in English.